Business Certificate


"Eventually, all students will encounter the world of business, whether they work in urban or rural areas. They must be prepared to engage in business activity with confidence and competence. Young people need to understand how business functions, the role it plays in our society, the opportunities it generates, the skills it requires, and the impact it can have on their own lives and on society, today and in the future."

The Ontario Business Curriculum Document

Recognition For Students

Students within Halton who earn six or more credits in Business Studies are given a “Business Education Certificate” which they can use to inform prospective employers or post-secondary institutions of their focus in business studies. While the courses are specific (i.e. business-related), the credits can come from any school, including online, night school or summer school programs.

Eligible Credits

Courses must be either in the business curriculum area (Intro to Business, Economics, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, and Organizational Studies) or in business-related Co-op placements. Any two-credit classes (IB) or co-op courses will count as two credits toward the six minimum. Computer Science and Law courses are not counted towards the Business Studies certificate.

Application Process

During your senior year, click on the Application for Certificate link and fill out the form for all business courses that you have completed or that will be completed by the end of your high school career. After your application is submitted and before your graduation, the business department will review your credit history. If you meet the six related credit minimum, a Business Studies Certificate will be printed with your name to receive during your graduation ceremony. For any questions on the application, contact a member of the Business Studies department.